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Hand Held Mug

Hand Held Mug

£32.00 Regular Price
£28.80Sale Price
Large Hand thrown with speckled white clay + decorated with a coloured glaze mix.
******This item is on sale as there is a small chip on the bottom of the mug, this does not affect it's functionality and can only be seen when you look underneath.
Stunning hand held mug with beautiful glaze finish on the inside.
A touch of handmade imperfection. Each piece is unique because they are handbuilt + decorated individually. The finish is different for every piece. Some may have drips, some do not. Here at AOS-SI we embrace the imperfections that make handmade beautiful.
If you want to Made-to-Order Purchase: Expect 8-12 weeks after the purchase date.
Materials: All our ceramics are fired to Stoneware. They are finished with a gloss white glaze and the bottoms are sanded and branded.
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