The name 'Aos Si' is the understanding that we are part of and not separate from the land we inhabit. In Celtic legends, the natural world is at centre stage and in Celtic mythology, things in nature can possess a spirit and presence of their own, including mountains, rocks, trees, rivers and all things of the land and the sea. Rivers and streams are often a boundary between this world and the Otherworld.

The 'Aos Sí' or 'Aes Sídhe' is a term for a supernatural race that exist in Irish, Scottish and Manx mythology. Inhabiting an invisible world that coexists with the world of humans.

This 'Otherworld' is usually elusive, but various mythical heroes visit it either through chance or after being invited by one of its residents and is reached through mist, by going under the waters of pools, lakes, or the sea, or else by crossing the western sea.


The idea of an 'otherworldy' work space situated in our mystical Island, steeped in Celtic history, seemed an apt name for studio workspace in the quiet setting of our in the yard of Pinewood Studio Furniture, Lower Bishopscourt, near Kirk Michael in the Isle of Man.

Well known for our leading art workshops, we have always consistently balanced this with our own professional practice. Out of this magical space, new artworks will be developed from clay, paper, paint and all other mediums that suit the work. The themes are ever evolving, developed from longstanding interests. We will create beautiful collections that suit the seasons. Take a look at the aos-si website or Kate and Colette’s own websites to read more about their working practice.


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