Cat - Wearable Art Pin [SC#11]

Cat - Wearable Art Pin [SC#11]



Glam up your outfit or accessories with this FAB + UNIQUE wearable cat icon.
Here's one pin badge no self respecting cat lover will be seen without!

Summer Collection - release
We're releasing 15 quirky cats in our summer collection so the race is on to choose your favourite before someone pips you to the cat post!

Cat #11 (Summer Collection | Blue, Aqua & Cobalt spots|| Romeo

About this kitty cat...
Your cat pin is one of a kind!
It may have sisters & brothers yet each one varies with its own unique markings. We love the funky variations of this 'litter', some smooth, some shiny, some bright and others matt. See which one/s you connect with before offering them a permanent home!

The path of the cat pin is laid out before us...
First born from earth, reshaped and moulded into the form you see before you.
A tale of patternmaking, colour and adorment ensues.
Each individual kitty cat goes through a ritual of firing, decorating, firing again before realising their true potential in a final glaze kiln ceremony before being released into the world to find their new companions!

* Cat-tastic
* Made by hand
* Each Cat pin is completely unique!
* Make wonderful gifts!
* Paw-fect for brightening up any outfit or accessory.
* Fired to 1220ºc for strength
* Easy to use push pin and clasp

  • The story behind our Cat pins!

    The story began w