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Glam up your outfit or accessories with this FAB + UNIQUE wearable cat icon.
Here's one pin badge no self respecting cat lover will be seen without!

Summer Collection - release
We're releasing 15 quirky cats in our summer collection so the race is on to choose your favourite before someone pips you to the cat post!

Cat #12 (Summer Collection | Deep Blue Green & Bronze || Petra

About this kitty cat...
Your cat pin is one of a kind!
It may have sisters & brothers yet each one varies with its own unique markings. We love the funky variations of this 'litter', some smooth, some shiny, some bright and others matt. See which one/s you connect with before offering them a permanent home!

The path of the cat pin is laid out before us...
First born from earth, reshaped and moulded into the form you see before you.
A tale of patternmaking, colour and adorment ensues.
Each individual kitty cat goes through a ritual of firing, decorating, firing again before realising their true potential in a final glaze kiln ceremony before being released into the world to find their new companions!

* Cat-tastic
* Made by hand
* Each Cat pin is completely unique!
* Make wonderful gifts!
* Paw-fect for brightening up any outfit or accessory.
* Fired to 1220ºc for strength
* Easy to use push pin and clasp

Cat - Wearable Art Pin [SC#12]

  • The story began with a young girl who grew to be a fierce, independent woman.  Her belief was always in her cats above her human conterparts.

    They were uncomplicated and took charge but gave as much love in return to her as she gave them.  As a gift, the lucky Manx Kayts were born and from there, a new little kitty developed.

    Cat pins are super cute and make purr-fect gifts!

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