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You will adore our new clay card!


You have found our wonderful claycard: Created using reclaim clay, the individual parts are hand rolled, we add pattern and the trim to shape, before finishing and drying. The parts are fired 2 times, bisque, glaze . firing. Once the ceramic has cooled we assemble into our favourite compositions and then stick onto card.


Choose your favourite words, Manx Gaelic inspired, English or French .... we have the perfect christmas card for you to send your favourite people!


Created by hand and lovingly decorated in an original, thoughtful design, each item is different to the next, is as unique as the next - and features a little house, tree and decorated with unique designs, glazed and also includes additional finishing + firing! Choose from:


A: Nollick Ghennal

B: Merry Christmas

C: Noel

D: Thie

E: Graih


We will be in touch regarding collection, or for an additional cost we can post within 5 days!


Please note: you may not recieve the exact card in the picture, but we promise it will be just as beautiful and in similar glaze, combinations.




Manx Gaelic Nollick Ghennal is 'Happy Christmas' in English

Thie: Means home, house in English

Noel: Christmas

Graih: Love


*****We use biodegradable packaging!

Claycard: Simple Cards for all occassions

Word Combination
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