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We're delighted to offer you an opportunity to purchase your very own, limited edition, gift boxed collectors edition, 'Cummal yn traa nish'  tea cup.

A bijou run of 125 is, for a limited time only, available at an introductory price of £75 (normal price £95)


If you'd like to be one of the 'lucky, lucky, lucky' owners of this little piece of Manx Gaelic History, you can order your very own today!

Designed and developed in our Studio in Peel, Isle of Man, each piece will be hand finished, feature the inscription 'cummal yn traa nish', feature a simple clear glaze and embellished with 24k gold  accents.

*** Please note this is a pre-release order. We will contact you when they are ready for delivery. Estimated availability in 12 weeks ***

The Story behind the 'media' storm in a teacup!

Captivated by the beautiful handcrafted pieces at Aos-si Ceramics showroom, we were thrilled to be commissioned to create a personalised tea cup for Kylie’s birthday. The cup itself features a translation into Manx Gaelic of one of her hit songs from her latest album ‘Tension’. Eager to share a piece of their culture with the pop legend, we discovered that Kylie apparently loves a ‘cappan dy hey’ (which means ‘cup of tea’ in Manx Gaelic). We couldn’t wait to create something unique for her special day!

The song title, ‘Hold onto now,’ was translated into Manx Gaelic as ‘cummal yn traa nish’ by Cristl Jerry and Josephine Addy, with consultation from Manx speaker, Stewart Bennet.

The tea cup features a simple yet elegant design, showcasing the song title in our signature style, complete with a delicate handle. The cup is finished with a clear glaze that highlights the natural white stoneware clay and includes 24 carat gold accents. The chosen finish reflects the energy and glamour synonymous with Kylie’s performances.

We were beyond excited to design and create this special gift for Kylie, our goal was to capture Kylie’s spirit and the joy she brings to her fans worldwide, while also incorporating a mingling of Manx language and artistry from our beautiful corner of the world. The added Gaelic charm to our modern creation, perfectly complements Kylie’s timeless appeal.

The artwork created is a unique original, designed and crafted with love and care. Working on this lovely birthday gift for Kyle was a true honour and we hope it brings joy and calm to Kylie for years to come.


We will be sharing some of the process in creating this simple yet beautiful gift in the coming weeks on our social channels!

Collectors Edition: Cummal Yn Traa Nish

£95.00 Regular Price
£75.00Sale Price
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