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Our lucky Kayts are a firm fave and fast becoming a cult collectors piece!

Summer Collection #3
Clay base: White 
Colours:  Aqua, Red &Oxide
Pattern:  Swirls
Finish: Glazed

Each cat is lovingly hand made and completely unique!

We absolutely love the fact that every Kayt boasts its own character.All made by hand and decorated differently every time  - no repeats here!

Just like us, we're all different. 
When we make our lucky kayts they are made by hand in the beautiful, country surroundings of the Aos-si Studio, decorated by hand and go through several layers of care to bring out the best in each one. 

Enjoy the charm of our Lucky Manx Kayts. These beauties have been charged under the light of a full moon for luck!Keep it in your home, in your car or place of creativity! 

PROCESS + Intuitive responseLess of a process and more of a 'labour of love', each Kayt starts its journey as a fresh piece of clay (we love how connected to nature ceramics is!) 

CLAY: We hand select the clay to bring out the best in what we make and these beauties are available in a choice of 3 clays [white, black + red].

JOURNEY: Rolled by hand and carfeully decorated with pattern using the energy and flow of our intuition, each piece is fired to 1000ºc before we embark on colouring and post fired decoration. We love the wabi sabi nature and approach to our colour phase. An honest and intuitive response to each piece, we apply layers of colour and reveal areas of interest before firing and then enhancing with our final glaze firing to stoneware. Each piece can undergo up to 3 firings to reach its finish!

⚛ Completely unique - no two the same
⚛ Handmade with love!
⚛ Lucky - bathed in the powerful full moon light
⚛ Direct from the makers
⚛ Made in the powerful natural setting of Aos-si Studio

Lucky Kayt [SC#3]

  • Our cats came along as a vision. The lucky black cat kept crossing our path and we felt honourbound to celebrate our lucky charm!

    Black cats soon embued our Island's own, the Manx Cat and it wouldn't be right not to name them Kayt's in the Manx Gaelic (although Manx cat is stubbin!) So we have a hybrid Manx Kayt!


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