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Dala Horse Pin - Summer Collection #3
Colour: Biscuit + Turquoise + Blue - celtic design

Our Dala Horse Pins are fabulous for horse lovers + anyone who appreaciates these multicouloured beauties. Each horse is created with freedom and expression, resulting in a unique colour and pattern combo, every time. It may be hard to choose!

Face the wind - you're wild and free...
The spirit of the horse embodies power & independence.
A symbol of strength, vitality + freedom, the horse has long been celebrated in many cultures.  A free spirit with a big heart, this creature of mystery builds strong loyal bonds which last a lifetime.


Dala Horse Pin [SC#3]

  • Just like the wild horses that roam the hilltops, carefree and at one with nature, our approach to creativity is free and in tune with our spirit. We connect through a powerful intuitive drive, a hidden voice that guides us, to each ceramic piece before us and at every stage of making. The symbol of the horse pops up in mythology throughout the ages. We found it cropped up for us too on many occasions, as though a message was being brought to our attention. The Dala was born unto our collection and has grown and developed into a thing of beauty!

  • Materials: From Clay to bling, each horse started its journey as the earth it walks upon.
    We select from a variety of hand picked clay bodies, which we feel offer the best ingredients for our creations.
    Creation: Rolled by hand and intuitively decorated, each piece is carefully and delicately handled and lovingly refined before embarking on its first kiln firing. Colour is selectively applied before being fired again to 1100ºc. Each unique horse is selectively glazed and fired for a final time to 1220ºc for strength and brilliance.

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