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'Dusk' Handheld Mug

'Dusk' Handheld Mug


An evening mug perfect for your favourite drink! Inspired by the nature, the seasons and night time,  .... we have just the gift for you! Handheld with a touch of the night time with many details, slip decorated and finished with a clear glaze glassy finish to give it an opulant finish. Mugs, created by hand and lovingly decorated with an original, thoughtful design, each item is different to the next, so you can be sure when you gift one of our mugs, it is as unique as the next. How are these different to our other mugs? They are finished with speciality glazing for some unusual effects! Say no to mass produced and hello handcrafted!Glazed inside so whether your favourite tipple is tea, cappuccino, hot chocolate, mulled wine or anything else, why not enjoy it from a special handheld mug by Aos-si! 


If our of stock you can order with a 4- 6 week turnaround!


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