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Horse Wall Decoration with beads - Handmade with love for the home

Clay Horse |   Oxide + Glaze + Print + Nature Motifs |


What about a beautiful gift to yourself or someone you love or care for?
This lovely wall hanging in beautiful stoneware white clay is perfect to adorn your home. You can be sure there is only one like this!

The power of handmade!
We're not confined to the strict rules of mass produced. In fact we say no to uniformity and hello to the freedom of creativity! Yes the shape may be repeated but each individual piece is as unique as the next.

From the soul
We don't just settle for second best, we work with each piece until we are completely in love with it (as though it were for us!) Sometimes we even find it hard to let go of them but if it can bring you pleasure, then that fills us with joy too!

PROCESS: The Art of making!
Step 1: Each piece starts its journey as a piece of clay which is carefully hand rolled. This perfect canvas is primed for addition of pattern. Our markmaking starts here and we carefully compose the elements we believe work with our heart.
Step 2: Drying and firing - each piece goes through several tidying and shaping actions before allowing to dry and being fired to 1000ºC.
Step 3: A splash of  either colour or oxide to bring out the texture and highlight the detail before firing again to seal in our progress. Now we glaze using our favourite combinations to really enhance the simplicity and beauty of each individual heart. They're small and fiddly but completely worth the effort!

A final stoneware firing takes these little fishies to over 1200ºC before a slow cooling and reveal! We then assemble the wall hangings with hand shaped and glazed or beads with oxide, which ever we feel is intuitively aesthetic for the artwork. 

✪ Handmade & Unique
✪ Small & Beautiful

✪ Perfect to Adorn your home!

Horse Wall Decoration

SKU: WH0012
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