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Ocean Inspired 'Moghrey Mie' Handheld Mug

Ocean Inspired 'Moghrey Mie' Handheld Mug


Seaswimmers, Marine Lovers, Mug cuddlers ahoy!

We have a pair of Limited edition 'Moghrey Mie' handheld, handcrafted and lovingly decorated mugs.

With the sea loving early riser in mind, what better way to enjoy your refreshing herbal, morning coffee or speciality tea. Start each day with a little piece of art in your hand!

You know the drill, each and every item we make is unique, so if you love it, don't let the opportunity pass you by!
Whether this is a gift for someonw special or for you, be sure to grab life (or this mug) by the 

3-6 weeks to create your perfect handheld mug!
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